Can School Apps Replace the Traditional Newsletters?

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The revolution of applications available on phones, tablets, and computers is nothing new. However, the idea for utilizing these apps is new and seemingly limitless. This is especially true for schools that are coming up with countless ideas for connecting with their students and parents in the digital age. With public schools constantly looking for ways to get parents involved, and save money the app replacing the school newsletter is a sound business practice for several reasons. But most importantly it meets to common objectives of every school…

Saving Money and Green Initiatives

Every day for 180 days, schools are looking to save money and be more environmentally friendly. But rarely do schools consider the amount of paper and ink it takes to send constant communication home with their students. These costs are usually rolled into administrative costs and bundled with other items in the balance sheet. Meanwhile the idea of the number of trees that were used has usually been forgotten all together. By using an app, the school can get the information out to their parents on a weekly, daily or even hourly basis if they need to and reduce their paper and ink consumption significantly.

Just how far the digital age will carry schools is only a matter of how far the schools will let it happen. The addition of an app to bridge this digital gap in communication with parents the school will show they are not only environmentally and fiscally sound, but are innovative and thinking of the future.

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